Thursday, January 7, 2021

''Sense and Education don't go together'' - Alibaba slams FFK over US Election

Alibaba has slammed a former minister of the Federation, Femi Fani Kayode saying sense and education do not go together.

This comes after FFK shared a photo of protesters at Capitol building and captured it ''People Power''.

Alibaba munched FFK's tweet and then shared it on his Instagram page questioning how people who are out to destroy a democracy that has been built in the US for over 500 years could be termed ''People Power''.


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  2. Alibaba,you don't have to blame Femi kayode,we have to blame the person that made him a minister in Nigeria,Femi kayode is a drug addict and he now takes cheap drugs because he is broke,someone that can't even take care of his immediate family,May thunder fire Femi kayode