Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Thai Police arrests Nigerian Ezedinugwu for overstaying 60-day visa by seven year

A Nigerian Onyebuchi Johnbosco Ezedinugwu who has been living in Thailand with a 60-day tourist visa for over 7 years has been arrested by the Immigration Police.

Ezedinugwu reportedly gained entry into Thailand in April 2014 on a 60-day tourist visa with permission to stay until June 25th of the same year but overstayed his visa by 2,683 days.

The 40-year-old Nigerian was arrested by immigration officers led by region one commander, Pol Maj-Gen Piti Nitinonthaset, at Soi Phetchaburi 35 in the Makkasan area of Bangkok on Tuesday, January 19, 2021.

According to their local media, illegal immigration is considered as a major factor of the second wave of Covid-19 after an outbreak at Samut Sakhon seafood market affecting a large migrant population.

A news portal, Siam Rath quoted region 1 deputy Lt-Col Suriya Phuangsombat as saying that immigration were targeting Africans to check on their visa status as part of measures associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.


  1. Ibos have become the proverbial tortoise that always features in all 'tales by moonlight' stories. Why spend several years in a foreign country when you only have 60 days tourist visa ? The only reason for such violation is simply to commit crime. Truth be told: Ibos, out of mad desperation to get rich quickly, continue to cause more damage to the already battered Nigerian image abroad. These desperate money worshipers are always telling the world that crime is the only thing that they have to offer the world. The sad reality is that, for Nigerians in general, this negative image keeps rubbing off on us all, and we all are having to pay dearly for this bad image whenever we travel abroad.