Thursday, January 7, 2021

UK Pastor accused of assaulting his wife, abandoning her with their 4 children to take a wife in Nigeria [photos]

A UK-based pastor has been accused of assaulting his wife and abandoning their 4 children to travel to Nigeria to take a new wife.

Rev. Prince Dom Odoemena was ordained a pastor in the Anglican Diocese of Orlu Imo state, and now works as an Assistant Curate at Emmanuel Church in Forest Gate, East London, and the Vocations Officer (vocations Enabler ) with the Church of England.

Odoemena and his wife, Genevieve both from Imo state, have been married for 10 years.

They live in the UK with their 4 children.

According to reports, Odoemena assaulted his wife leaving her with a bump on her head and blood oozing from her lower lip. The report also says during their 10-year marriage, his family have also one way or the other abused Genevieve. 

Rev. Prince Odoemena is now married to someone else despite still legally married to his first wife. The marriage reportedly took place this month.

In order to justify his actions, he allegedly told everyone that his wife Genevieve has been cheating on him. He also allegedly falsely claimed he's been financially responsible for her and their kids even though he's left no longer with her.

The report further alleged that Genevieve was the one who helped Prince Odoemena to get a British citizenship and supported him through his studies before he finally got established in the UK.

A letter addressed to the Church of England to report the actions of Odoemena to the Church is currently making the rounds on social media.