Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Wahala as dad takes grandchildren for DNA test because he hated their mom, only to discover his son, isn't is

Mind your business you won't, you see your life? lamooo... There's fire on the mountain in a certain home which has made a grandfather drag his wife and then loose his son and his grandchildren.

According to a twitter user, the grandftather hated his son's wife, and so secretly took all his sons' children for DNA test and the result came out saying they are not blood related.

Apparently, the children are that of his son, but his SON isn't his own CHILD. Hate carefully tho, lol.

Twitter user @DrPenking shared the story thus;

”Father-In-Law hated son’s wife and secretly did DNA Test on her three children and used himself as the baseline. Result revealed that they were not his blood. More analysis revealed that the children actually belonged to the son but that his “SON” is not his own.”