Thursday, January 21, 2021

Wakanow CEO gives heartbreaking details of how his well paid chef constantly stole from him

Wakanow CEO, Adebayo Adedeji has explained how his well paid chef kept stealing from him. According to the CEO, he paid his chef N100,000, gives him N5000 a week for transportation and then he paid him all through the pandemic despite he never came to work.

While explaining how the chef was a turf thief, he said he only now understands why Nigerians maltreats their domestic staff.

His blow by blow details below...


  1. But why are some people like this

  2. With that kind of pay , he is still not contented

  3. this is very bad. It will spoil market for other chefs because their bosses won't want to trust them again

  4. Too bad..but why not get married?

  5. He got 5-6 kids. How do you think #100k=$250 a month will feed a family of 7-8. Of course he got to steal to feed his village. Most poor folks make poor choices and poor decisions. I bet you got like max 3 kids, your wife is adding value to your economic structure. I'd say make a business decision, fire him, no question asked great chef or not. Get a chef with less baggage. I do business in Nigeria, I really don't like doing business with folks with a lotta baggage and no good job, because at the end of the day they gotta steal your money to solve their own family problems. Cut him lose, he'll never change.

  6. Most poor people will steal you blind.

    Not ALL but Most they have no dignity and are desperate and will stop at nothing to be perceived as wealthy and doing well trust them @ your own detriment.

    No matter how much you try to help they will ALWAYS try to play sharp and outsmart you and loose further opportunities to better their lives.