Saturday, February 6, 2021

Actresses just show off, not more successful than actors — Jumoke Odetola

Actress and producer, Jumoke Odetola has said actresses just show off and that they are not more successful then the male ones,

In a chat with Tofarati Ige, she explains it this way when asked;

In the movie industry, women seem to be more successful. Why do you think that is so?

''It is not actually what people think it is. On a lighter note though, it is indeed women that run the world. A man could put on an outfit that costs over N1m yet look simple. But, a woman could spend N100,000 on an outfit and look so glamorous. That men don’t post certain things online does not mean they are not doing well. I know a lot of men in the industry that are doing very well but they are not putting it out there. 

When I got to know the worth of some of my male colleagues, I was quite shocked. But women tend to be louder. We talk more about things and love to show off.''

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