Monday, February 15, 2021

Can GTBank give up on Banking and focus on Fashion Week and selling jumpsuits? Wale Adetona says as bank online services goes bad

Lmaoo... Their online services has been really poor and Nigerians went through a lot all weekend with transactions hanging for hours.

They even sent messages to their customers apologising for the poor service.

Just as many Nigerians have been complaining about their services on social media, Wale Adetona and Omojuwa also have these to say.

Wale had tweeted; ''Can GTBank give up on Banking and just focus on Fashion Week and selling jumpsuits & Ankara pants?''

Then Omojuwa responded; ''This sounds funny but it doesn’t look like a bad idea. Even NDANI TV looks a viable option too.''


  1. Gtb is the most useless bank now...The crowd there is out of this world

  2. Freedom to migrate, as other banks doing better.

  3. Where is the lie. They do better with fashion week