Tuesday, February 9, 2021

International super model Oluchi calls out an enemy

International super model and former Victoria Secret model Oluchi is so UPSET.

She took to her Instagram page to declare she is at WAR with a certain enemy and the way will get to the enemy's 4th generation.

She called the person a thief and other unprintable names.

She also said by the time she is done with the person, the person would be getting the 5th heart transplant. What she wrote to kick start the war;

''Till your next 4th generations. I, OLUCHI will WAR with you. I am here to specifically teach you how it’s done. With great pleasure. You met your match. I will TEACH you. You must Learn. Since they didn’t teach you at home. I will school u. Chronic Liar! Hungry old Criminal,  Mark my word, 10 kobo you will NEVER see. Ole! Let me hear you say pimp. Anuofia! You are nothing but a Complete disgrace to human race.  LOSER! Greatest loser of all times!!!! When I’m done with you, you will be on you 5th Heart transplant. Wait on it.''


  1. I thought she was classy. She has now joined the train. Nigerian girls and witch craft

    1. Exactly Nigerian girls no matter the height they get to will fall your hands

  2. She says till she gets up what will she turn into if she gets up? Carnivorous animal?