Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Moment dispatch rider told a lady she TURNS HIM ON

Wetin Abu no go see for gate. 

This is the moment a dispatch rider who had earlier visited an address to deliver a package for a lady left and messaged her on whatsapp.

The dispatch rider had come to deliver a wrist watch to her, only for him to leave, settled down and started harassing her s3xually.

In his message to her, he told her he hasn't felt like this for long and he has been left turned on for hours after seeing her.

The shocked lady shared the convo. RUDE OR NOT?


  1. Musa don suffer for gate

  2. Why is he rude? Isn't he a man, all these ladies forming auapproachable. Why bring it to the internet, or because he is a dispatcher, a man legally working hard to earn a living. If he was a flashy Yahoo Yahoo boy, will she be on the internet? Everyone wants to trend.

    1. He shouldn't have used a sexual word to woo her. Not right

  3. Naturally low level men are attracted to high class women. If you curse me it is back to sender.

  4. He should know his level naw