Wednesday, February 24, 2021

61 dogs ready to be slaughtered are saved in Cambodia

Sixty-one dogs have been saved from being turned into dog meat after they were found crammed into six tiny metal cages on their way to a Cambodian slaughterhouse.

The dogs, who were packed on top of each other, were being taken to be slaughtered in Kampong Cham, southeastern Cambodia on Sunday.

But the minivan transporting the dogs was intercepted.

It is the first government-led interception of canines in the country since the dog meat ban came into force in Siem Reap in July last year. 

The lucky dogs, which were both strays and stolen pets, were taken from the crowded minivan and authorities arrested the driver. 

Most of the pups were youngsters and many showed signs of severe heat exhaustion and dehydration. Charity workers believe they hadn't eaten for days. 

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