Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Sore loser! Senator Smart Adeyemi's daughter, Gbemi comes for Dino Melaye for daring to imply her sibling is a drug addict

Recall Dino Melaye had yesterday jumped on the trend of Senator Adeyemi Smart and Abia State Governor coming back and forth for each other.

He jumped on the trend and apologised to the Governor saying a man like Senator Smart shouldn't have made the statement he made by calling the Abia State Governor ''drunk'' for not taking care of his people.

Dino jumped on the trend implying one of Senator Smart's children is a drug addict -- a thing his daughter, Gbemi Smart has debunked.

While debunking the news, Gbemi munched Dino's tweet and shared on her Insta-story, saying the former Senator is only pained that her father dethroned him and threw him out of the Senate legally. She also begged the Senator to stop roping she and her siblings because none of them are into politics.

 Sore loser she called him!


  1. Dino Melaye is letting a small girl drag him. Smh

  2. Lolz...the hate between Melaye and Adeyemi though

  3. He will soon come for her

  4. Your father did not dethroned Dino. APC did not want him in the Senate. I am not a fan of Dino and you know your people does not like your father. The people of Kaba loves Dion more than your father. We want people like Dino in the Senate,who are crazy and talk back at the Presidency.

  5. Both parties absolutely correct.

  6. Melaye no dey tire for insults.

    But no be this girl just marrry