Monday, February 22, 2021

''We are going through hell in America'' - Bukky Wright laments [video]

Nollywood actress Bukky Wright has taken to her Instagram page to share a video of what the current situation is in Dallas.

She says they are suffering and have no water to bath, cook or flush the toilet.

In the video she shared, the actress was seen with a big bowl of water on her head.

She said she had gone to a neighbour's house to beg for the water.

Sharing the video, she wrote: ''La America

If you have someone in America please call to check on them. We are also going through hell .''

But listen to the video to, she said a lot. Me, I have said it, I won't join in insulting America, this unfortunate thing has not happened for so many years, and it's only temporary. 

Don't some Nigerians live like this everyday? I mean EVERYDAY??. Shift jor!


  1. Then go back to your shithole country. Ungrateful BITCH

  2. It's just in Texas o (and not all cities btw) praying for Y'all.
    It's hard to stay warm in this kind of weather, some people burned their furnitures to stay warm which is dangerous. No light, how are they going to eat? Eat cold food in cold weather? Some of them are under boil water notice.
    I hope everything goes back to normal.

  3. Am not gonna last 5 minutes in that shithole state,love it here in Naija. Sorry Naija pps over there