Wednesday, March 10, 2021

97-year-old Yobe grandma who was r3ped last month says she has not had s.e.x in 40 years

This is so teary and insane.

A 97-year-old woman from Yobe who was r3ped about a month ago said she had not had s3x for over 40 years until she was r3ped recently.

The Nation exclusive investigation also gathered that the old woman lost two teeth from the beating she received from her r3pist who battered her and forcibly tried to cover her mouth so as not to attract people’s attention.

The victim who was brought to the state CID headquarters in Damaturu from Gadaka for investigation has since returned back to her base.

The visibly distraught old woman looked tired and exhausted but could still speak clearly while answering few questions during investigation.

The 35-year-old r3pist according to investigation has been remanded in police custody by the Magistrate Court in Damaturu awaiting proper trial.

Mohammed Faruk on the 8/2/2021 invaded the house of the old woman at Gadaka, Fika Local Government Area of Yobe State where he molested, assaulted and r3ped her.