Thursday, March 18, 2021

Hilarious what I ordered vs what I got of BBN's Tolanibaj

Lmaoo. But wait, how did she even become a victim? She has no designer??

So BBN's Tolanibaj has shared an hilarious photo of what she ordered and well, what she got.

She shared the photos of both dresses on her twitter page.

The ex-reality star had ordered for a well tailored dinner dress, but what you see on her, was what was delivered to her.

Give it to Abbyke Domina, she does not even need to take your measurement before getting your perfect fit! And her materials? Next to none!!! She is on Instagram too.


  1. This is so funny....These tailors sef

  2. When they will copied Abby's styles and give it to cheap tailors....Guess she was broke

  3. Doesn't even look like it

  4. note,when coping styles like this,try and get a similar material too if you can't get the exact one you're coping to avoid issues like this.You told your tailor you don't want high slit