Wednesday, March 3, 2021

DJ Cuppy begs Hollywood director to feature her in his movie

DJ Cuppy has indicated she also wants to be an actress just like her little sister.
In a recent social media post, Cuppy begged Hollywood director of Nigerian origin, Andrew Onwubolu popularly known as Rapman to please feature her in any of his movies.

Indicating Rapman is a genius, Cuppy says even if it's just a catering role, Rapman should please give her the chance as long as she appears in his movie.

”Please, someone tell @RealRapman that I would love to be involved in any of his movies… even if it’s catering The man is a GENUIS! #CuppyDat'', she tweeted.


  1. She wants to he like her sister

  2. I watched the movie citation yesterday and I must confess that Temi did so well. Award for promising actress awaits her

  3. As music no pay for her again?

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