Monday, March 29, 2021

Ghanaian woman crushes to death while speeding to catch her ‘cheating’ husband

A Ghanaian woman has reportedly been involved in a fatal accident after speeding to catch her “cheating” spouse.

Reports state that the lady had been told that her husband had picked up a woman with whom he is s3xually involved with.

She was therefore in a rush to catch her husband with the alleged mistress but unfortunately met her death.

A journalist, Mabel Aku Baneseh, broke the news on her Facebook page. 

She wrote: “A woman died on the motorway. She was going to Tema to verify claims there was a woman in her hubby’s car. She never got there to even know whether or not the said woman was her hubby’s cousin, co-worker or mere friend. Don’t allow lies to lead you to your grave” She posted on Facebook.

The news has received mixed reactions.


  1. Never kill yourself over man matter...Now the husband can successfully marry another woman

  2. I don't give importance to a cheating man. I can not go and kill myself

  3. Now she has died for him to continue