Thursday, April 29, 2021

Baba Ijesha R3pe Saga: Yomi Fabiyi fires back at Toke Makinwa, says Davido was also accused of murder

Yomi Fabiyi has fired back at Toke Makinwa and Davido who slammed him for taking sides with Baba Ijesha over his r3pe case.

Speaking in an interview, Yomi said Toke needs to check her background and he thought she was enlightened to have known better.

He also said Davido was once accused of murder and wonder why he could come for him.

In part of the interview, he also admitted visiting Baba Ijesha at Panti and said Baba Ijesha denied he r3ped the said teen. Watch the video of him slamming both Toke and Davido below...


  1. yomi is a very stupid boy....baba ijesha raped that girl 7 years ago which in itself is a crime. yes there was no evidence then but the new cctv evidence shows assault because he was touching her inappropriately

  2. It's obvious the Nigerian police as usual has collected money and want to kill the case

  3. Yomi should be investigated too