Saturday, April 10, 2021

Between GTBank and Sterling Bank AND the trolling....

Oh dear! So the drama all started when Dr Joe Abah tweeted at Sterling Bank telling them that the account balance showing in his APP is different from what he got as a text message and what was sent to his email and wants to know WHY.

Dr Joe claims his account balance on his App is about N2000 lesser than the balances on his phone and email.

He then tweeted at the Sterling to know which to believe, and oh dear, @GTbank replied him.

Angry about this, he asked the bank if they were OKAY.

''Dear @gtbank, are you people ok? If you can mix up Twitter handles, what will you do with people's money?''

And that was how Nigerians took the matter up.

Someone said she likes the way Sterling Bank trolls GTB and that Sterling in 2018 during GTB's fashion ''had a whole billboard across the venue''. She said she heard they reported the matter to CBN.

Anyway, Sterling bank also replied GTB with a funny meme and quoted Dr Joe's tweet.

GTB and Sterling are currently trending on twitter, and well... no thanks to Dr Joe.


  1. Nigeria needs help o. Banks are now behaving like individuals lol

  2. This Country nawa every Day Different Drama... 😁.

  3. hahaha sterling won this round too