Thursday, April 29, 2021

'Go home immediately after office hours, avoid restaurants, bars''- CBN issues security advisory to all staff

The Central Bank of Nigeria has issued a security advisory entailing guidelines on how to protect themselves and their families following a letter to the staff by the Security Services Department.

The letter with the subject ‘Security Advisory’ written for the CBN staff, dated April 28, 2021 was from the Director of Security Services Department with reference number SSD/BSO/INT/UCD/01/072.

The internal memo was for all staff members of the bank.

The letter read,

We write to inform all staff to take note of the elevated security alert condition around the country and of the need to take special care in their day-to-day activities. Security intelligence reports have informed of plan by undesirable elements to infiltrate various parts of the country particularly state capitals and FCT with the intention to perpetrate crimes of abduction and kidnapping for ransom or as recruited for terrorism. 

“It is strongly suspected that these activities are likely to be carried out in the evenings and at night. It is in the light of the foregoing that all staff are advised to take note as follows: Exhibit extra caution while at home, en route work or other locations being more observant of activities suggestive of abnormal happenings as to avoid falling victim.

“Limit all social engagements to those that are absolutely necessary.

“Retire home immediately after office hours and taking special care to ensure that homes are sufficiently secured by way of reinforced doors ad locks.

“Avoid public drinking places and restaurants after hours.

“Maintain very low profile and remain as inconspicuous as possible.

“Branches to close on official schedule times to enable staff leave for their homes.

“Avoid travels (air or road) except absolutely necessary and contact heads of security at the location of travel for additional advisory

“Keep contact numbers or relevant security agencies within reach for you and other family members.”