Thursday, April 22, 2021

Nigerians donate N1m to Lagos cop assaulted by civilian

Stunned by his professional conduct and exceptional calmness in the face of provocation by a civilian, some Nigerians have presented a one million naira cash gift to an Assistant Superintendent of Police, Sunday Erhabor.

A traffic offender, Victor Ebhomenyen, had on Saturday assaulted the policeman in the Oniru area of Lagos State and inflicted severe body injuries on him but 53-year-old Erhabor kept calm despite having his official AK-47 rifle with him.

Erhabor, who joined the Nigeria Police Force in 1992, became social media sensation after a video of the encounter went viral.

Some Nigerians on social media immediately started a donation for the officer for maintaining calm in the face of assault.

The donation was started on Sunday by a Facebook user, Ugo Egbujo. According to Egbujo, “Many of us have indicated interest to bless that police officer. The idea is to support ethical policing. The idea is to encourage responsible policing. We will give ourselves 48hrs. No amount is too small. It’s a show of support.”

A total of 158 donors raised one million naira which was gifted to Erhabor yesterday.



    Dear Sir,

    Let’s save ourselves all the compliment because I am writing this letter from a place of extreme frustration and sadness.

    I want to believe you were happy when they nominated you as APC governorship candidate in the last election. We can excuse the fact that you never prepared for that divine blessing but it’s been how many years down the line and Lagosians are yet to get the reward for retaining APC in Alausa. We demand some explaining on how you have chosen to run your government.

    I will try to make this open letter as simple and straightforward as possible. I am not expecting an answer but will leave you and your appointees to appraise yourselves with clear conscience.

    Sir, please what is the role of Local Government Chairmen in the structure of the state? I asked because outside chasing okadas/keke napep and shop owners around to pay some ridiculous fees, you’ll never find the local council being responsible for provision of basic amenities in the neighbourhood. Heck, they are not even visible.

    I will use this opportunity to keep you abreast with the state of Lagos roads and traffic situation. Your Special Adviser, Commissioner and GM Lastma have not been telling you the truth. We will like to know how you appraise them because saying the state of roads in bad is an understatement. Lagos State public works have been patching some roads lately but is that the best they can do? How do you explain driving on a rough stretch of road that has just been patched? Quality is LOW. How do this people sleep at night. Give it 6months, those roads will give way and we will be back to square one. Is that a good way to efficiently manage resources?

    Traffic lights are not working. Lastma officials are more like ninjas now. It has been off and on the road. More cars are on the road and no light or official to direct them. We spend hours commuting to and from work everyday. When some people sit down and declare themselves the great grand father of Lagos, do they in all sincerity think they have done enough to deserve that accolade?


    When they sat down to decide on mounting a toll gate at one end of Lekki Epe Express road, didn’t it occur to all the brains behind that project their should be a need to build compact and strong pedestrian bridge at every bus-stop? People crossing the express at the expense of their life add to journey time for your information. Didn’t it occur to them there should have been provision for rail transport even if it’s from Lekki Phase 1 to Eleko Junction? Didn’t it occur to them there should be a need for marine transport? What did they actually do on that poorly maintained road to deserve endless tolling?

    I see you on TV with your Deputy every now and then and ask myself what happened to the people you appointed into your cabinet. If the state of road is bad and traffic situation in chaotic, what’s the justification for paying Transport Commissioner or GM Lastma at the end of the month? Why are Local council’s only visible when it’s time to generate revenue? The road is not worthy but the state government demands road worthiness certificate from vehivle owners. How do you reconcile that scenario? Is that not an act of extreme wickedness?

    I know as a matter of fact Lagos State generates revenue from Land Use Charge, Vehicle License, Road Worthiness, Personal Income Tax, Company Income Tax, FAAC and other streams including Debt. Please Sir, what do you do with ALL the funds? There is absolutely no control on the activities of okada and keke napep and we have grown ups as Local council chairmen. We are now a victim of bad leadership at all levels of government in the state. No security of life.

    The list is endless. From highly corrupt physical planning officials to unregulated activities of NURTW officials/bus drivers to lack of implementation of the law governing movement of some class of vehicles at peak period to dirty environment. Whatever happened to street sweepers? Lagos is completely a nightmare as it is and there is an urgent need to make amends.

    I will not be looking forward to your response but will rather hope to see visible improvement on touch points. Alhaji Jakande should be your mentor.

    Thank you.