Wednesday, April 7, 2021

It’s only foolish Christians that will decline to take the Covid-19 vaccine - Pastor Ighodalo says

Senior Pastor of Trinity Church, Ituah Ighodalo has bluntly said it’s only foolish Christians who will decline to take the Covid-19 vaccine premised on faith.

The clergyman dropped the highly informative albeit controversial statement during an interview on Arise TV saying, “It is foolishness to keep having faith that God will protect you from an infection he has made provision for vaccines that can provide a high percentage of protection.

I have taken the jab. I prayed about it, and I got a clear direction from God to go and receive it, and I have explained to my people in church that God provides knowledge. 

I will like to appeal to my brother pastors to do their research, get the knowledge and stop misinforming and improperly educating people on guess work, instincts, and mere suppositions. Coronavirus is real, and you need the vaccination.

The Bible says my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”He called on the government to compel the church and also the leaders to get qualified knowledge and answer important questions on COVID-19 vaccine.

Some people think the COVID-19 vaccine is a deliberate effort to wipe out the human population. We need to address the fears and prove it is not so. Other persons think it is the sign of the anti-christ (666) and we need to prove this is not also true. Other people believe the vaccines have long term effect and if you take it today, in 20 years’ time, it would affect them.

We also need to address such fears and prove scientifically this is not so,” he said. The problem is a lot of these questions about the vaccine are not being properly addressed and there is too much rumour flying all over the place. Some churches believe in divine health but if they study further, they would also know that God provided knowledge for healing.”


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  2. Eeehn, me no dey there. Pastor Chris go hear this one now, him go go on air with big grammer to tell us how him don read bible from cover to cover and at the end tell us this pastor dey lie. Pastor Ighodalo, prepare for spiritual war from the afro candy pastor. I don talk my own oooo.
    Seriously, Any pastor linking the pandemic and vaccines to spritual or antichrist sermon in his church certainly does not know the word of God and hid herat is far from the Supreme Being.