Insecurity: France agrees to support Nigeria


President Emmanuel Macron of France has pledged to support Nigeria combat insecurity bedeviling the Lake Chad basin area and the entire stretch of the Sahel region.

Macron spoke at a bilateral meeting between him and President Muhammadu Buhari.

The meeting was hosted by the Nigerian leader on the sidelines of the Financing Africa Summit in Paris.

The French President pledged his steadfast support for the West African that is currently facing a number of security challenges.

In a statement signed by Garba Shehu, Buhari Spokesman, and made available to media houses, the French leader said that his country will “absolutely be there on the side of Nigeria and it is willing to support with everything to assist the country to overcome the security threats.”

Macron promised to help the most populous black nation in the world in confronting the challenges of COVID-19 vaccines.

He added in the statement that “President Buhari outlined the challenges all round facing the country as well as its neighbours and spoke about the steps he has taken to reignite response to the situation, which he said included the appointment of the new Service Chiefs.”

The Nigerian leader said his country was willing to work with France and all international partners to overcome the West African country’s security challenges.

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  1. Now Macron is supporting Boko Haram and ISS. Islamic Fulanization of Nigeria. Islamization of Southern Nigeria. Macron, the SHIT you left in Rwanda and her massacre is not enough for France. Now you want another duplication in Nigeria. Remember that a person of your office asked to know when Africans killing Africans is EVER considered a genocide. When eastern Europe were killing each, then President Clinton sent in FORCES(land and air) to stop it. You(Europeans) do not want another WORLD WAR. You are coming to help, no other person but Buhari to fight insecurity. May I ask you who is responsible for insecurity in Nigeria? Was Nigeria militarized like this when democracy was handed over to him. The massacre going in Middle Belt you have not gotten any briefings; or you’re playing your predecessors game as explained above. Chad and Cameroun etc. have there own insecurities why don’t you free them your African “slaves” and there National Treasury. Hippocrites! SLAVE MASTERS OF THE 1st ORDER.


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