Woman fighting her life after being beaten, gang r*ped and left hanging n*ked from an electricity pole in India


A woman is fighting for her life after she was beaten, gang r*ped and left hanging n*ked from an electricity pole in India, it has been reported.

The victim was left for dead after she was ambushed by a pack of men as she went to the toilet during a wedding celebration at her home.

She was found hanging from the pole in the village of Chakhabib Rudhiya in the northern Bihar state on Tuesday, according to local media.

Villagers rushed to her hospital after she was discovered unconscious and in a critical state.

It has been reported that the woman was targeted after she used an open toilet.

She was allegedly dragged away by depraved animals and taken to a deserted area where she was raped and beaten, reported India Today.

The men threatened to kill her if she resisted, and stole her jewellery, reported local media.

After they thought the woman was dead, they hung her body from an electricity pole.

She was taken to a hospital in Dalsinghsarai, before being referred to another facility for treatment.

The woman, who remains anonymous, is in a critical condition and is unable to speak yet, according to local media.

There are conflicting reports as to whether she is conscious or not.

No arrests have been made yet but seven men are being questioned in connection to the incident, after they were tracked down by horrified villagers and handed over to the police.

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