My father refused to train me because I’m a girl child – Eucharia Anunobi


Veteran actress, Eucharia Anunobi, has revealed that her father refused to train her beyond high school because she was a female child.

The actress took to Instagram on Tuesday to share a video of herself, as she celebrated her achievements and recounted her experiences while growing up.

She wrote, “If you are still in doubt about God’s grace, read the caption below.

“I’m still in awe of God. He changes destinies in a twinkling of an eye. He is the rule breaker.

“He doesn’t need anyone’s permission to bless someone.

“Just look at the girl, whose rich father refused to train after high school, that he had no need for a girl child; that the female gender is useless to him and can’t carry his name anywhere.

“That he rather concentrates and trains the male children to any level of education that they desire.

“This girl child struggled all by herself, and is a model, a former beauty queen, a famous superstar actress, and a preacher.

“Now that girl child is a Ph.D. holder in Christian Education and Ministerial Arts.

“And she has engraved her father’s name on the map of the world and still carving it and will keep carving it until the return of Jesus Christ.

“I am that girl child and my name is Apostle Dr Eucharia Akuwa Anunobi. Celebrate God on my behalf”

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  1. DR. ANUNOBI congratulations for the feats achieved. One, your family would be proud if your last name do not bear your father’s name. As it does, it does not savor well. Igbo traditional basic 101. You as a girl is expected to be betrothed and to give them grand children. Irrespective of all pomp and pagentry, of wealth and poverty, your father ALONE is/was not the only one with that mindset for fear of having an (another) illegitimate blood in the family through any of their daughters. It still holds today. Families that have them is/are there peace in such families? Be honest! Cut your your father a slack! Most Igbos sent their daughter(s) at the same period as yours to higher institutions especially where there are more girls at the early stage of marriages and where their first wives did not give them male children as early as needed/expected. Allow sleeping dog some peace. It was a “thing” then, I bet you wherever he may be, he is very proud of you. Again, he will never say it in your face as our parents relent in praising us in our presence. It’s Igbo traditional basic 102. CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN!


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