Web designer names his son HTML in honour of his profession


A Facebook post announcing the birth of a newborn in the Philippines has gone viral due to the child’s unique name.

Hypertext Mark-up Language Rayo Pascual – or HTML for short – was introduced to the world via a Facebook post from his aunt last Thursday.

The child’s father Mac Pascual, a web developer, is thought to be responsible for choosing the unusual name as a tribute to his profession.

He told local news site inquirer.net that uncommon names run in his family, explaining that his own name is short for Macaroni 85.

He said that one of his sisters’ official names was Spaghetti 88 and claimed her two children are called Cheese Pimiento and Parmesan Cheese, though they go by Chippy and Peewee for short.

Inquirer.net reported that HTML was born healthy, weighing 2.25 kilograms (4.9 pounds) at the Bulacan Medical Mission Group Cooperative Hospital, about an hour’s drive north of the capital, Manila.

His mum, Salie Rayo Pascual, told the website that she is delighted to welcome her child and said relatives were pleased with the choice of name.

HTML’s aunt, Sincerely Pascual – full name Sincerely Yours Pascual – shared a snap of the newest addition to her family on Facebook, writing: ‘Welcome to the world HTML.’

The post has been shared more than 8,978 times and inspired numerous jokes from social media users.

‘[That baby] will grow up to hack the Pentagon. It’s in his name,’ one comment reads.

Several users suggested some computer-based names for any future children: ‘Results-based management system’, ‘JavaScript’ or ‘Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)’.

Others were concerned that his unique name could make life difficult for HTML.

‘In the future, he could be targeted by bullies and ridiculed,’ one user wrote.

‘Parents should be sensible and responsible in naming their child… it’s child[sic] lifetime and identity and why make her/him suffer for obvious reasons… it’s not actually a human name!,’ another commented.

A third Facebook user said: ‘If I were that child, I’d sue my parents one day.’


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