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‘I could write a full textbook on the wickedness Yomi Fabiyi exhumes’ – Mr Macaroni opens up


Comedian Debo Adebayo fondly called Mr. Macaroni has also weighed on Yomi Fabiyi’s controversial new movie.

Yomi Fabiyi has been accused of making a movie about Baba Ijesha’s rape case while using the real names of the persons involved in the r*pe saga.

The movie has however garnered several backlashes from Nigerians including his colleagues in the movie industry.

In reaction,  Mr Macaroni bared out his two cents about the controversial movie that trivializes Baba Ijesha’s r*pe saga.

Mr Macaroni said that new movie is just a disgrace to the movie industry and described Yomi Fabiyi as a human activist who lacks all forms of humanity, dignity, integrity and as well as a ‘Bully’. According to him, Yomi Fabiyi wanted to gain attention and earn money from the eyesore he termed a movie.

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He concluded that if is he given the nod, he could produce a full textbook on Yomi Fabiyi and all the wickedness he exhumes.

Mr Macaroni wrote;

”When I addressed this issue and mentioned that this Yomi Fabiyi of a person actually produced a cacophony of misfortune and sheer wickedness that he and other shameless people like him took part in, some grown men actually said I should leave TAMPAN issues and continue facing the Government.

It is funny how we always blame the Government but forget that we all have contributed one way or the other to our numerous problems as a people.

The Joke is on Yomi Fabiyi and his cohorts. A total disgrace to the profession. We all agreed that we should leave the Court of Law to do their work. Only for this fraud, clout chasing and embarrassing excuse of a human rights Activist who lacks every form of humanity, dignity and integrity; go ahead and release a movie that trivializes the pains of the girl.

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Yomi Fabiyi is a Bully! He has further subjected the Victim to more humiliation, mental pain and torture which could stigmatize her for the rest of her life because he wanted to gain attention and earn money from the eyesore which he calls a movie. I’m not a stranger to Yomi Fabiyi and his manipulative tactics. I could write a full textbook on him and all of the wickedness he exhumes.

I hope this madness is brought to an end!! For all our sakes!!”

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