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Mum paralysed after falling out of bed while trying to wake her husband for s.e.x


Mum paralysed after falling out of bed while trying to wake her husband for s.e.x


A mum was left paralysed after falling out the bed while trying to wake her husband for s.e.x

Sophie Rodgers, 44, said she was “bunny hopping” around her husband Guy Rodgers, 53, but “misjudged” a jump.

The former supervisor for the National Trust, who had failed to rouse her husband, tumbled out of the bed and fell unconscious.

She was found by Guy in the early hours of the morning, unable to move her limbs.

When she was taken to the intensive care unit and the specialist spinal unit, Sophie was delivered the devastating news she was unlikely to walk again.

She had suffered a spinal cord injury across several vertebrae at the top of her spine.

A diagnosis of a C4 to C7 spinal injury can lead to paralysis in the limbs, an inability to control bladder and bowel movements or even inability to speak and breathe without help.

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Because Sophie’s injury is “incomplete” it means she has some sensation and movement below the injury, as opposed to none at all.

Two years after the incident, which required three operations including to fit titanium rods in her neck, Sophie can walk short distances with a walker and takes a wheelchair out and about.

She is able to use her arms and upper body a little, but can’t lift heavy items, for example.
Sophie said: “I’m not the same person – your brain is the same but it’s like you’ve woken up in someone else’s body. It does change who you are. I’m not the same person, my confidence has gone.

“It’s like you’re mourning the death of your body. You’re mourning it for a long time.

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“It’s just affected everything. Even cuddles in bed are difficult because there are patches of skin on my back and when something touches them it feels like they are burning.

“The worst thing is I’m stuck indoors and I’ve got no control over anything at the moment.”

Speaking of the incident, Sophie said: “I was mucking about and bunny hopping over my husband on my hands and knees and just being a wally messing in bed as you do.

“He [Guy] was fast asleep and I was trying to wake him up because I wanted a bit of hanky panky. I tried to wake him up by jumping either side of him.”


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