Despite knowing I was impotent my wife accepted my proposal, God later healed me –MFM Pastor


A pastor with the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries, International Headquarters Annex, Wuye, Abuja, Olumide Oni, has recounted how he married his wife despite being told he was impotent.

In an interview with Punch, Oni recounted how he met his wife, Toyin, many years ago and told his wife that he was impotent. He said his wife mentioned to him that his impotence doesn’t matter as God had shown her he was her husband. Oni said he was healed of his impotence on their wedding day.

Excerpt below…

You said you were impotent as a child but you are now married and have children. What happened along the line?

The kidnapping case happened when I was a bachelor. I was a deliverance pastor and at the same time working as Information Minister, Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries, International Headquarters, Onike, Yaba.

One day, after ministering at the deliverance ground, I returned to the information department, two biological sisters came. One was about to return to the university. They wanted to meet with the pastor for prayers. I was the one on the ground. I prayed with both of them, especially the elder sister who was about to return to the university.

But as they were going, l heard the voice of God say, “The one at the back is your wife; the one at the back is your wife; the one at the back is your wife.” So, I quickly called them back to know where they came from and I was told that they were from MFM house fellowship in Akoka.

In those days, you could not tell anybody that you wanted to marry a lady just because you had heard a voice. I had no right to go and tell her.

That is against the rules and regulations of the church. So, I became a member of the MFM house fellowship, Akoka because of my wife. Not long after, our house fellowship leader got admission to a higher institution and since I was there as a member of that house fellowship, the church authority decided that I should take over from that fellow since I was a full-time pastor with experience in ministration.

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So, I became a house leader even though I had been a pastor, an active pulpit pastor. But I love that house fellowship because I knew that God spoke to me concerning the lady I was going to marry.

I was close to her family being a member of my fellowship and thank God the mother, a wonderful prophetess, one day called her daughter and said she dreamt that the house leader was going to be her husband and so anytime he proposed to her, she should not reject him because of the anointing on him. This did not come to pass until after three or four years.

Since I knew she was going to be my wife, l did something when she gained admission to higher institution. I took two of her passport photographs went to the now defunct Intercity Bank to open an account on her behalf. Being a deliverance pastor, I made up my mind not to spend any money given to me by anybody.

I would pay 10 per cent, keep 10 per cent to myself and save 80 per cent. I began to save money for my wife to be. Eventually, when she left school I presented the passbook to her in her living room in the presence of her parents.

She checked it, and apparently she had no idea of what l had done. Eventually, she realised it was a bank passbook. She saw N3.7m saved in her name. She was very happy.

That was the money she used to start the business that she is running today. To the glory of the God of Elijah, we were able to establish her business.

We were also by the grace of God able to rent a three-bedroom apartment. We lived like a king and a queen, to the glory of God and the business of my wife is still flourishing till today to the glory of God.

As a matter of fact, that business is the backbone of my giving grace. Most times, when we need money we go back to her business for support. All the millions we are spending is from the business of the woman that God helped me to establish many, many years ago.

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But before I married her, I told her I was impotent. But she said she had prayed God and God had also confirmed that I was her husband and that there was nothing to worry about. I took her to Dr D. K. Olukoya, our father in the Lord, who also confirmed that to her. I told Dr Olukoya and one pastor Solomon Akinade the secret. These were the two people that were aware of my impotence.

Anyway, my wife said she was going to continue with the marriage, impotence or not, since God said she should marry me. That is why Pastor Mrs Oluwatoyin Oni is not just a wife. She is a God-given woman to my ministry and calling. So, on the day of my wedding, I told the officiating pastors, Pastor Olaoye, in particular, that I would not be able to continue with the wedding, as I was having stomach upset and feeling uncomfortable.

I pleaded with him to round off quickly. They quickly rounded off the wedding. We were to go to Saint Finnbas School, by Akoka College of Education. As of that time, the man in charge of that school happened to be my (house fellowship) member. Red carpet all over the place, the venue was free of charge but I could not go for the reception because of the stomach ache.

By the time I came to my house that day, my manhood came alive for the first time in the history of my life. God restored me and today, to the glory of God, I am married to Pastor Mrs Oluwatoyin Oni and blessed with wonderful children.



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