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Horrific moment bear attacks pregnant woman in front of terrified children at circus


A savage brown bear suddenly attacked a pregnant trainer as terrified screaming children watched with their parents in a Russian circus.

The woman was taken to the ground by the performing predator as two men fought with the animal to pull it clear.

A witness said the male bear did not back off despite multiple “blows with a whip”. The terrifying ordeal started during an act in the ring involving two bears and two trainers at a crowded circus.

The injured trainer suffered bruises and cuts but thankfully her unborn child was not harmed.

She claimed that the bear could have attacked her because she was pregnant.

The bloodied circus performer was rushed to hospital after the horrifying incident in the city of Oryol, in western Russia.

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“I literally have two scratches and a slight bruise on my leg,” she said.

“With the animal, too, everything is fine, and my baby, all is normal.”

The unnamed trainer added: “Perhaps it was jealousy to some extent, since I am pregnant. There can be many nuances.
“I will, of course, deal with this incident with more experienced colleagues. At the moment, the bear behaves to me the same way as usual.

“It behaves affectionately and fondly again as if nothing happened.”

One report said the trainer “hugged and made up” with the bear after the attack.

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Witnesses claim they saw the bear in a cage before the show in an agitated state.

The bear who attacked the woman has now been barred from performances and it is unclear when or if it will return.

The Russian Investigative Committee has launched a probe into the incident.

“The investigation is undertaking a set of measures to establish all the circumstances of the incident, interviewing circus employees, and witnesses,” said a source.


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