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Horror as man finds enormous spider the size of hand breeding under his bed


A photographer discovered one of the world’s most venomous spiders lurking under his bed with hundreds of its babies.

Gil Wizen noticed tiny spiders in his bedroom and looked under the bed to see where they were coming from.

To his surprise, he was greeted by a Brazilian wandering spider and its offspring while he stayed at a reserve in Napo province of eastern Ecuador.

The spider, which is as big as a human hand, was seemingly guarding her children and taken refuge under Mr Wilzen’s bed,

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He managed to take a photograph to document his face to face encounter with the venomous creature and it won him a prestigious award.

The spider room, which is the name given to the image, won Mr Wilzen a Wildlife Photographer of the Year award for Urban Wildlife.

According to notes on the award website, Mr Wilzen used forced perspective to make it “appear even larger”.

Following the success in capturing the moment, a daring Mr Wilzen safely relocated the spider outside.

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Speaking on his blog about the photograph, which appears to be from 2014, he said: “Not only there were literally thousands of spiderlings under the bed, right beside them rested one of the biggest ‘non-tarantula’ spiders I have ever seen. Its body length was 45mm but with its leg span it could easily cover my hand.”

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