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Tonto Dikeh was introduced to me, I was on my own – Prince Kpokpogri speaks again

Tonto Dikeh was introduced to me, I was on my own - Prince Kpokpogri speaks again

Tonto Dikeh’s ex-lover, Prince Kpokpogri, has explained that the actress was introduced and brought to him at home.

He went further to say, he never promised her marriage, nor does he have the S tapes of over 30 women on his phone as widely reported.

Mr Kpokpogri, in an exclusive interview with PREMIUM TIMES on said the actress literally forced their tumultuous and short-lived relationship into existence.

Kpokpogri, who was thrust into the limelight after Ms Dikeh unveiled him on the occasion of his birthday on June 27 on her official Instagram page, also insinuated that the actress threw herself at him.

“I was not into the relationship as she was, have you ever wondered why she was always posting our relationship here and there on social media, and I did little or less posting?’’ he said.

No marriage plans

In a petition against Kpokpogri dated September 6 and addressed to the Commissioner of Police, FCT Command, Dikeh through her counsels in Festus Keyamo Chambers, Okechukwu Uju-Azorji, and Arinze Egbo, said Kpokpogri carefully planned his entry into her life and started to court her with a proposal to marry her.

Kpokpogri, who has been popular in the Delta State political scene in recent years, also said he was hesitant to proceed with the affair at first.

He said, “When Tonto and I started talking, she said she is the relationship type, this and that but I never promised her marriage. I didn’t know her, I was on my own when one Mr Suleman called me and told me that he was coming to my house with somebody, I asked who was that, he said when he comes I would see the person. Lo and Behold when he came it was Tonto.

Tonto Dikeh and Prince Kpokpogri

‘‘I took him aside and asked him ‘Is this not Tonto Dikeh, the one that destroyed her husband, Churchill? and he told me that she had repented, she’s now a church lady and her birthday was coming up!”

According to Kpokpogri’s lawyer, Ojefia, Dikeh filed a petition on breach of contract for marriage, which is why she holds claims to the Lexus SUV.


Kpokpogri also narrated the hurdles he encountered while trying to retrieve his SUV LX570 that was allegedly ‘stolen’ by his ex-lover, which led to his detention.

He said, “I was not arrested by the police, I went to retrieve my SUV car that was stolen by her (Dikeh), she does not own a car, she only rents cars around.”

However, Kpokpogri noted that while he was detained, Dikeh and her colleague, Doris Ogala, were dancing and singing around the place.

“The police have searched my phones and devices but there was no S video as she had said.”

He also said, contrary to stories bandied around by Ms Ogala, he has never been imprisoned.

“Which prison did they say I was in? Is it Kirikiri, Port-Harcourt, or Calabar? Which prison? Or which judge convicted me, when? Which court? All these are stories they feed people on social media with!”

Toyota Hilux

Kpokpogri, who is popularly called the prince of Niger Delta, also revealed that the Toyota Hilux, Dikeh, presented to him on his birthday was not a 2020 model as speculated by her.

He also said she didn’t purchase the vehicle that she gifted him on his birthday.

‘‘She faked the receipt, the car was what she got from one politician, it was a 2017 model that was refurbished to 2020 model, and it came with no custom papers, nothing nothing.”

He also hinted that the birthday gifts that she posted online on his birthday were all fake.

Kpokpogri said that he had also returned the diamond gift and the car, and they were in the custody of the police.

He said, ‘‘Tonto is yet to return my car, my Iphones, and the gold earrings that she borrowed from my daughter amongst my other properties in her possession.”

This is the first time, the politician would be revealing that he is a single father.

The chairman of the Anti-Corruption and Integrity Forum, also said that he is not a blackmailer as his estranged ex-lover and her colleague had claimed.

“I have said that if anybody has any evidence of me blackmailing them, let them present it, up till now, no one has been able to present anything.”

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