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Japan plans to give $880 to people 18 years or younger


Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s government will distribute 100,000 yen ($880) in cash, vouchers or a combination of both to those 18 years or younger and make it a pillar of an economic stimulus package planned to be created by the end of the month.

The package, worth hundreds of billions of dollars, is one of the pledges made by Komeito — Liberal Democratic Party’s coalition partner — during last month’s general election campaign.

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The payment is expected to be made by spring 2022.

Komeito insists that all children should be eligible for handouts, regardless of their parents’ income.

But the idea of excluding wealthier households still remains within the government. Details are expected to be worked out in negotiations between the government and the two parties.

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The government is also considering handing out an extra 50,000 yen to poorer families.

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