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Nigerians blast El-Rufai’s son, Bello as he tries to justify N27,000 university fees

Nigerians blast El-rufai's son, Bello as he tries to justify university fees

Nigerians have blasted one of the sons of Kaduna state Governor, Bello El-Rufai for trying to justify the N27,000 university tuition fees.

According to a tweet shared by Bello, some schools in the state charge as much as N100,000 at primary level, while some secondary schools charge as much as N500,000 and so there’s no reason why anyone should complain about N27,000 university fees.

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But that didn’t go down well wth some of his followers who told him only private schools charge that much and wonder what children that went to free public primary schools and secondary schools that only costs N2000 should do if their parents can’t afford the N27,000 univeristy fees.

Another also challeneged him saying ”why do you lots derive joy in making life unbearable for us”.

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Bello had tweeted this;

‘There are primary schools in the state that charge N100,000 as school fees. There are secondary schools that also charge as high as N500,000, and you expect university education to cost N27,000? It doesn’t make sense.’

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