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Newlyweds plunge 12ft from giant swing during wedding entrance as guests gasp in horror


A couple of newlyweds left their wedding guests gasping in horror when they plunged 12ft from a giant swing during their entrance.

The shocking footage captured the moment the pair fell towards the ground after making the theatrical appearance at their wedding.

The couple entered the reception in Raipur, in Chhattisgarh in central India, on a circular swing that was hoisted 12ft into the air.

They also had huge firework sparklers behind them and a stage for the event at the weekend (Sunday, December 12).

However, despite the intricate and exceptionally long planning that would have gone behind the big day, it didn’t go as they hoped.
When something holding the podium snaped it twisted to one side, and it sent the duo plummeting to the floor as their guests stood shocked.

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It’s believed the couple sustained minor injuries in the incident, and thankfully were able to continue with the big day half an hour later.

In the video shared online, music is heard playing at the beginning as the couple are brought up into the air, high above the stage.

As they stand inside the circle, fireworks blast behind them as well as on the ring itself around the edges.

But when a support snaps, the circle drastically shifts, as the crowd gasps in horror and the newlyweds take a dive.

The event management company that organised the entrance, Joe, apologised afterwards.

An employee for the firm said the accident occurred during the Sangeet ceremony – a night of singing and dancing held a few days before the wedding itself.

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Describing ‘technical issues’, they said: “No one suffered injuries in the incident. The bride and the groom are safe.”

The staff member added the company will ensure these types of incidents do not happen again in the future.

The clip, shared on social media, left viewers stunned, with some comparing it to a ‘circus show’.

“Why all this show????” one person wrote.

A second added: “I don’t know why show off needs nowadays in marriages. Nowadays Marriages should be done under supervision of stunt masters… doctors…”

A third penned: “Empathise with the couple, but on a serious note what’s the need of that acrobatic stuff.”


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