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Woman sees ‘half-n*ked mistress’ on doorbell cam after husband skips family trip


A woman said she caught her husband cheating on her when she saw his ‘half-n*ked mistress’ leaving the family home on a doorbell camera.

TikTok star Sara, @nottheworstmom, said that her husband had skipped a family holiday because he was too sick but then later she saw some unusual activity on their doorbell camera, as the Daily Star reports.

In the clip, the man appears to check the coast is clear before a half-dressed woman walks out onto the porch, and the woman alleges the man was having an affair and the person in the clip was his mistress.

The woman in the video then gives the man a kiss as he squeezes her bum, and Sara said she’d seen enough and had all the evidence she needed to dump him.

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On TikTok, Sara captioned the video: “When your husband is too sick to go on the family trip you planned.”

The clip has racked up millions of views online – and many were shocked by the man’s behaviour.

One wrote: “The way he kissed her I thought that was you leaving for the family trip……. Holy spirit activate.”

Another said: “Thankfully she took the trash out for you. Time for bigger and better things for you.”

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And a third added: “Technology is beautiful.”

Providing an update on her situation, the wife told TikTok followers that her husband “no longer resides here”.

She joked her partner “wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed” as “he literally kissed her in front of a camera he installed himself”.

The woman also had some words to say about her husband’s ‘mistress’.

She added: “My husband should take most of the blame and responsibility for opening the door to the affair, but this woman walked through it.”

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