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‘Bodybuilder boy’ Amir the Hulk dubbed the NEW ‘Mini Hercules’ as toddler parades his huge muscles


“Bodybuilder boy” Amir the Hulk has been dubbed the new “Mini Hercules” after an Instagram video shows the toddler parading around with his huge muscles.

The tanked tot reportedly suffers from a condition that means he cannot stop piling on the muscle.

In a clip shared online by his uncle before going viral among bodybuilding enthusiasts on YouTube, the youngster parades around the home flexing his muscles.

At one point, Amir is asked tense and shows off his abs, chiselled biceps and shoulders and his ripped back.

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Bodybuilding enthusiast Xavier Wills says little Amir is already being compared to Mini Hercules Richard Sandrak, who, at eight years old, had a complete six-pack.

Richard also used his incredible flexibility to master of karate and bend his body into unfeasibly contorted positions.

At one point he was reported to have one per cent body fat, which is potentially fatally low.

Xavier cited a post by Amir’s uncle explaining the toddler suffered from Berardinelli Seip and a lack of Myostatin.

Berardinelli Seip is a rare genetic disorder that is characterized by the near total loss of body fat and extreme muscularity at birth. Whatever fat Amir has is instead stored in the organs, liver, and muscles, which is why he has such a slender physical appearance.

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Myostatin is a vital protein that stops us from developing too much muscle mass. A lack of it can lead to muscle over-development.


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