Home Foreign News Ukraine/Russia Crisis: Nigeria asks citizens to avoid hotspots

Ukraine/Russia Crisis: Nigeria asks citizens to avoid hotspots

Ukraine/Russia Crisis: Nigeria asks citizens to avoid hotspots

You think it’s only the US and UK Embassies that love their citizens and are quick to issue statements warning them of crisis or any danger in any country? Well, Nigeria Embassy in Ukraine just proved you wrong, duh!

The Nigerian Embassy has asked its citizens in Ukraine to avoid unnecessary travels within the country, especially to the identified hotspots in eastern part of the country.

The president of Nigerians in Ukraine, Martin’s Dele Lawani had said last year that a large number of students were studying their and over 8,000 working and doing businesses.

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Three days back, the government of United Kingdom ordered the withdrawal of some of its diplomats and their families from Ukraine as a result of growing expectations that Russia could stage an attack.

In a statement, the embassy advised Nigerians to always carry along their requisite identification.

“In view of the current developments in Ukraine, all Nigerians resident in Ukraine and environs, including students, and their relations in Nigeria, are hereby advised to contact the Embassy of Nigeria in Kiev, Ukraine, for matters pertaining to enquiries, consular and welfare requests and emergencies on: +380632353417; +380631954965; +380442597767; +380442581854; +380442599942; and/or Nigeriaconsul@gmail.com <mailto:Nigeriaconsul@gmail.com>; as well asg. Nigeriakiev@yahoo.com <mailto:Nigeriakiev@yahoo.com>.

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