Home Entertainment Actress Bukunmi Oluwasina Celebrate Daughter On Her First Birthday

Actress Bukunmi Oluwasina Celebrate Daughter On Her First Birthday


Actress Bukunmi Oluwasina Celebrate Daughter On Her First Birthday


Nollywood actress and singer, Bukunmi Oluwasina ‘s daughter, Avia is one today.

And her excited mum took to her Instagram page to celebrate her on special day.

Sharing photo showing her face for the first time, she wrote;

”Before you came, I sometimes spend time in front of my mirror,
Whenever I feel the need to share a secret or reflect about life and plans. Then you came and changed everything in our lives. You completely filled that space like a reflection of me. You brought so much love, blessings and comfort to our home. I find myself randomly sharing my thoughts with you till I got addicted. And then you say “bladgvvhjkvvjdsey” 😁Then I smile. Even though I don’t get to understand Every time, But I love how you listen, And I can’t wait for the endless conversations We are going to be having as you grow.
Your Bestie (Dad) and I, Can’t wait to see what PTA meetings look like, Returning home to tell us about your day, School, friends, Plans, Boys And more.
My little Treasure, I know you would grow up into a brilliant beautiful young girl someday, To read this all by yourself, I just want you to know that Dad and I will always be here for you. Not just to guide and provide for you, But to also listen to you, And be that best friends you always feel safe to talk to. To give you and your younger ones the gift of a happy family, Teach and show you how beautiful life could be, outside the Gram, Everything we can achieve, The great and genuine person you can be behind cameras, And most Importantly, Teach you in the way of the Lord🙏🏼. I promise you will never have to look around before you see us. And You will never have to stumble, before you are being held. We can’t promise you to be the Best parents in the world, But we promise to NEVER GET TIRED OF TRYING AND LEARNING AS PARENTS, AND BUILDING TOGETHER AS ONE BIG FAMILY. AVIA, AS YOU’RE A YEAR OLDER TODAY, I PRAY YOU’LL GROW OLD TO FUFILL YOUR GREAT DESTINY. YOU’LL NOT DIE YOUNG. BOTH IN YOUR ACADEMICS AND IN LIFE, YOU WILL NOT FAIL. YOU WILL NOT FALL. THE DIVINE WISDOM, KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING FROM GOD SHALL CONTINUE TO DIRECT YOU IN ALL YOU DO. YOU SHALL NEVER STRUGGLE TO ACHIEVE THE GREAT THINGS OTHERS DO WITH EASE. YOU SHALL BE A LIGHT TO YOUR GENERATION. AYOMIOTAN, YOUR JOY WILL NEVER END. MY GOD WILL CONTINUE TO GUIDE YOU.🙏🏼

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