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Terrifying Moment 25 Year-Old Woman Severely Mauled By Her Pet Pit Bull And SURVIVES By Escaping Into An Elevator


This is the gruesome moment a woman was mauled by her own pet pit bull at her residence in Colombia.

The 25-year-old pet owner was tying her sneakers in her bedroom when she was suddenly attacked last Thursday, Colombian media outlets reported.

The woman, who has not been identified, was able to crawl out of her apartment seeking help from her neighbors. She made it to the elevator, where its surveillance camera captured the attack.

‘Her reaction was to drag herself up to the door and out to the hallway, with the hope that someone would come to help her,’ a Cúcuta law enforcement source said, according to La Opinion.

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The four-year-old dog stood over her in the elevator as she was on her back and continued to bite her left arm.

The woman attempted to push the pit bull away by jamming her right hand into its face and then managed to press the elevator button to get down to the lobby.

‘When the animal jumping on her, the only thing she thought was that if she stayed on the fifth floor, no one was going to rescue her,’ the police source said.

As she struggled to sit straight up, the dog walked around her and attacked once again before she was able to crawl out of the elevator, which was not moving.

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The woman eventually had to walk from the fifth floor hallway to the lobby, where neighbors rushed to her defense and pulled the dog away.

The Cúcuta police said the woman suffered fractures on fingers on her right hand, multiple fractures on her left hand and lacerations in the upper extremities.

Authorities said they have 10 days to administer a behavioral study on the dog and determine its future, including the possibility of euthanizing it.

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