Home Foreign News Want To Go Fight In Ukraine? Here’s How To Apply

Want To Go Fight In Ukraine? Here’s How To Apply

Want To Go Fight In Ukraine? Here’s How To Apply

Just reporting this for non-Nigerians. You know we also need volunteers here? People to join the Army right? Don’t try it o, don’t volunteer for Ukraine, do it for your country.

So Ukraine launched a website Saturday where foreigners can apply directly if they want to go to Ukraine and fight against Russian invaders.

President Volodymyr Zelensky says the country has received thousands of applications since he put out the call for a new self-styled International Legion on Feb. 27 and he’s expecting more than 16,000 foreign volunteers to join the cause.

Anyone except Russian nationals can apply, Ukraine officials said.

According to the step-by-step guidelines on the website, prospective foreign fighters should contact a Ukrainian embassy or consulate in their country which will provide potential recruits with the necessary information on the equipment they should have.

Next, a recruit will undergo an interview with a Ukrainian military attaché and receive a special visa.

The service with the International Legion is fully official and legal, according to Ukraine officials. Once visa arrangements are completed, a recruit also must submit an application for voluntary contracted service with Ukrainian armed forces, following instructions from the Ukrainian defense attaché.

They recommend that would-be fighters purchase their own combat gear before they arrive.



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  1. Fuck Ukraine. Did you know Ukraine was a Nazi nation and helped Hitler kill a lot of Jews, mostly Russian & Polish Jews.


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