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Woman Shocked As Illness Turns Out To Be Glass S3x Toy Stuck In Her Bladder


A woman was shocked to find out a suspected urinary tract infection (UTI) was actually caused by stuck glass from a s3x toy she’d forgotten about four earlier.

The 45-year-old from Tunisia was admitted to hospital with typical symptoms such as leaking, according to a medical journal.

She had been treated for treated for cystitis or inflammation of the bladder a number of times but her condition was not explored.

But doctors took x-rays and were astonished to discover there was a piece of glass inside her bladder.

Stones are usually small and doctors usually see cases where they are a couple of centimetres wide – but this one was 8cm wide and surrounded by glass.

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Medical experts noted in a report that according to her own admissions, the woman had used glass for “erotic purposes” some years before.

But instead of putting the glass into her vagina, they noted that she had put it in her urethra.

Although it isn’t mentioned in the report, the woman might have been practicing something known as “urethral sounding.”

Science Direct reports: “The giant stone measured 8cm × 7cm X 8cm.

“The patient disclosed this happened while he was using an intra-vaginal foreign body (glass) for erotic purposes 4 years ago.”
Healthline says urethral sounding is the act of “inserting a toy into the urethra and can be a form of “sexual play.”

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Doctors helped “clear obstructions from the urethra” in the medical procedure.

The motivations for the glass being there were said to be of “a sexual or erotic nature.”

The woman was medically well to go home after the procedure and was discharged from hospital on the second day.

“The best treatment remains preventive by balancing the underlying etiopathogenic disorder and by a good sex education,” the report concluded.


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